Saugerties, NY, October 29, 2015– Catskill Animal Sanctuary is one of seven farmed animal sanctuaries around the country selected to take part in a video competition November 1 – 14 with the winner determined by Facebook votes.

“We just completed a major rescue of animals from a backyard slaughter operation and are now caring for 27 goats suffering from malnourishment, lice, and infections,” says Kathy Stevens, Founder and President. “I am so grateful to Best in Shelter for the chance to share our story with a national audience. The prize money would be tremendously helpful in providing their medical care and winterizing the Sanctuary for all our residents.”

The Sanctuary submitted two videos. One is about what it’s like to visit and meet the residents. The second tells the story of calf Blossom, who was rescued from a beef farm, making friends with 11 piglets. They were rescued from farmers who decided not to go through with slaughtering them and created a hoarding situation.

Voting will take place on via Facebook. Once the competition begins, the public is encouraged to log on and vote for their favorite sanctuary and animal videos every day.

About Catskill Animal Sanctuary: The Sanctuary is a 110-acre refuge in New York’s Hudson Valley for twelve species of farmed animals rescued from cruelty, neglect, and abandonment. Over 3,500 animals have been rescued since its founding in 2001; between 250 and 350 reside with us at any given time.

About Best in Shelter: “Best in Shelter” was started as a kind of antidote to “Best in Show”, that final step in formidable pure-breed dog competitions such as Crufts and the Westminster Kennel Club. In this present competition, they are shifting focus to the conditions of farmed animals and farm sanctuaries.

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