October 29, 2015, Bridgeton, N.J. – The Cow Sanctuary is thrilled to have been invited to be a participant in the first “Best in Shelter” contest specifically for farm animal sanctuaries!!   It is an honor to be one of only seven invitees from throughout the country.

In our view, it is a wonderful contest, because it will raise public consciousness about animals that are generally thought of only as “food”.   As all the entries will show, farm animals have distinct individual personalities, just as dogs and cats do. The lives of so called food animals are as intrinsically valuable as are the lives of our companion animals.   Farm animals play, have friends, have preferences and love their lives as much as anyone else alive does.

Often, we sanctuaries find ourselves “preaching to the choir.”   This contest will hopefully reach many people who never considered this issue before, and will make them think about what is behind their food choices. Most of us eat three meals a day, and at each meal we have the power to choose life over death.

More selfishly, The Cow Sanctuary is thrilled to be invited because winning the first place prize of $50, 000 would make possible a HUGE change. If we won, it would be possible to build a second barn or get a tractor . We’ve managed without so far, but boy oh boy, would life ever get easier with them!

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