Small Miracles Cat and Dog Rescue


Small Miracles Cat & Dog Rescue is a private, nonprofit, no-kill shelter dedicated to providing the best possible care and finding forever homes for as many homeless cats and dogs as we are able. The shelter was founded in 2006 initially focused on cats and expanded to support dogs in late 2011. Small Miracles has rescued and placed in forever homes more than 13,000 cats and 8,000 dogs that would have otherwise been abandoned or killed!

A small staff supported by over 40 volunteers keep operations going, with a robust puppy fostering program and animals offered for adoption at the shelter, as well as Petco stores in Ellicott City, Columbia, Eldersburg/Sykesville, and Burtonsville.

As a no-kill shelter, Small Miracles accepts animals that other shelters often euthanize, including pregnant cats and dogs. Injured and sick animals are provided quality nutrition, shelter, medical care, rehabilitation, and nurturing needed to address broken bones, wounds, and other medical needs.

Small Miracles has a no kill philosophy and makes a lifetime commitment to every cat and dog we bring in. If at any time after an adoption is completed the adopter can no longer care for the animal for any reason, they must return it to us. Small Miracles is committed to taking the animal back and finding the pet a new home. This is part of every adoption contract.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, Small Miracles relies on adoptions and donations to fund its operations. Grant support is provided by the Petco Foundation.


We advocate the rescue of abandoned, abused and homeless cats and dogs. We place these animals in loving forever homes. We believe if you are rescued, it's for life!


Small Miracles was founded by President Moira Liskovec in 2006. Moira moved to Howard County from England with her husband and nine pets. Her husband suggested she get a job to help with the vet bills.

After becoming a veterinary technician, Moira had her "a-ha" moment when a man brought a pregnant cat to be euthanized at the veterinary office where she worked. She began to work with Petco stores to offer cats for adoption. By December 2009, Small Miracles opened its shelter on U.S. 40.

For her tireless animal rescue work, Moira was named a Howard County Volunteer of the Year in 2011.

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