The Senior Dog Sanctuary

The Senior Dog Sanctuary's mission is to provide a permanent safe haven for senior dogs (7+) who are unable to be cared for by their owners, who are abandoned, abused or face euthanasia. Our constant goal is: Rescue, Rehabilitate & Rehome. Our pups aren't puppies, they are mature adults with life experience that has taught them that All You Need Is Love (thank you Paul).

From our cutting-edge facility, to our experienced, compassionate staff, we have developed a safe haven for senior dogs. All of our seasoned canines receive endless love, medical care & enrichment. Dogs arrive to SDS via owner surrenders, local & Southern open admission shelters & the SOI Dog Foundation in Thailand. Each dog that comes to the Sanctuary is given the individual attention they deserve. On average, SDS spends $3,000 for each dog in our care.

The Sanctuary holds 23 dogs, with a kennel area & quarantine building. Situated in a converted home in Severn, MD, extra rooms are used to give respite to dogs who may not thrive in a kennel environment. Our grounds are a little slice of heaven, w/an AstroTurf yard containing agility equipment, a trail around our property ending by a peaceful pond & Memorial Garden. SDS relies on support from our local community to be able to provide topnotch care. We have a robust volunteer program and foster program, including our very special Loving Last Home fospice program. Each dog is provided with dignity, respect, and love in their final days, no matter a day or a year.

SDS is the result of the vision of 1 man, retired Air Force Colonel Val Lynch. A childhood dream to help dogs in need was brought to fruition in 2016, when the doors of the Sanctuary opened. As of 9.8.20, under Val's dedicated leadership, SDS had rescued 645 dogs. Sadly, that day, we lost our passionate leader; the man that believed most in the magic held within these old souls. The deep love that Val had for each ward in his care was indelible & his mark on the rescue community is immeasurable. Now, more than ever, with the loss of our generous and benevolent leader, SDS needs the support of its community to carry forward Val's legacy. "It's said that it takes a village. It really does. It takes a community of help to make something like this happen." -Val Lynch

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