Sheltered in: Small Miracles Cat and Dog Rescue

Mozart is a very sweet and handsome 2-year-old Shepherd from West Virginia (WV). He had been hit by a car and left to die. Mozart could not walk, and x-rays revealed an open fracture of the front left leg with other multiple fractures, and two fractures in his pelvis. Without someone agreeing to take over his support and medical requirements he would have been euthanized immediately.

Volunteers in WV that support many abandoned animals and animals in distress, took him in and contacted the Small Miracles shelter owner, Moira, to see if we would help. Resources and funding bring many challenges, but there was no question Mozart could not be euthanized and Small Miracles quickly accepted him. Moira agreed to take over the costs of his medical care, transport him to the shelter in Maryland, find a foster resource to rehabilitate him and eventually find his forever family.

Mozart had surgery in WV. The fractures were so bad that there were metal plates placed in his pelvis and his leg. There were concerns that the leg may have to be amputated. He could not be moved so he was placed with an orthopedic veterinarian for over 4 weeks. When he was able, Small Miracles transported him to the shelter and immediately placed him with an experienced foster family that would provide him the support and resources to help with his rehabilitation and lots of well-deserved love.

Mozart moved in and soon became “Mo” ?. Mo’s foster family had a big challenge ahead of them as he could not walk on his own for many weeks. He also had to have an environment that had no stairs. The family used a sling to support him and take him out multiple times a day. He was well on his way to recovery, but the poor pup could not catch a break. He developed an acute infection in his injured leg and was close to having it amputated. He was required to stay in the veterinarian’s care for over 10 days.

The expenses associated with surgery, rehabilitation and foster care were substantial, over $5,000.

Many weeks past and Mo was finally on his way to recovery, this time for good! He will always have a limp and not be able to fully use his left front leg, but that did not stop him from playing with his 3 foster dog buddies. He also shared the home with 2 pet cats which did require some in-house obedience training!

Now months later, it was time to start to look for his forever family and the adoption discussion started. His foster family could not think of having him live anywhere else, so he is now a permanent member of the large family consisting of Mom, Dad, 5 children, 3 dogs and 2 cat siblings! Mo also has graduated to a good social relationship with the cats?! He loves to play with toys, greet all house visitors with lots of tail wagging, let the back-yard squirrels know that it is “his” yard now, and share an occasional howl when he hears sirens in the distance!

Mo had a lot to overcome and thanks to Small Miracle, Moira, staff, and volunteers he was given a second chance at life and is enjoying his new home and forever family!

Small Miracles is a private, nonprofit, no-kill shelter dedicated to providing the best possible care and finding forever homes for as many homeless cats and dogs as possible. As a no-kill shelter, we accept animals that other shelters often euthanize due to injuries, broken bones, and other medical concerns. Small Miracles looks forward to continuing to travel to rural WV to rescue homeless dogs and cats, provide aid to shelters in need and help as many injured animals possible. Without the support of the public, none of this could happen!


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