Sheltered in: Last Chance Animal Rescue

Emma is a three-year-old Baladi Dog (Pharaoh Hound mix) who came to Last Chance Animal Rescue from Cairo, Egypt. She arrived in December, 2017 in need of extensive medical care -- she had been set on fire and had both her hind legs and tail amputated. When she arrived at LCAR, she was extremely fearful of people, especially men. Over the past two and a-half years, she has healed, both physically and emotionally. She is now outgoing and sometimes downright bossy, although she is still cautious when meeting new people.

Do not let her “disability” fool you. Emma is determined and tenacious. We purchased a cart to help with her mobility, but she wants NOTHING to do with it because it slows her down. This young lady is extremely fast on her two legs and has kept our staff on their toes! She LOVES a good mud puddle and will happily race you to splash through it. She also adores fresh snow and playing hide-and-seek. She has an enormous personality! While she is a beloved member of Last Chance’s family, it is our hope that she will find a loving home of her own. Emma is seeking a special adopter who understands that she will need more attention than a four-legged pup or an amputee animal that had a planned surgery. Her daily care, involving intimate cleaning, is not onerous and we are always there to assist. The reward for helping such a wonderful dog is priceless.

If you are interested in adopting Emma, and are already approved to adopt through our organization, please contact with EMMA as the subject line. OTHERWISE, please submit an adoption application online:


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