Description: 3 years old Spaniel/ Pekingese Mix. Daphne is all fluff and love! She has spent the last 6 or 7 weeks of her life as a devoted Mom to three puppies, but her work as a mother is almost done. She is ready now to be pampered and petted and simply adored. She has been practicing her perfect poses and and working on her pleading eyes and she hopes the combination melts someone's heart. Daphne is confident, loving and eager to meet and greet humans. She is about to send her babies into the world and hope she will be heading to a new home at the same time. For Daphne, winning Best in Shelter isn't just about holding such a prestigious title. For her and her puppies, its about more mama dogs being lucky enough to be rescued and cared for by people who love them. Daphne's Stats: 15 pounds . Been with Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation since 6/1/11. Came from Grundy, VA.

Sheltered in: Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation


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