Description: 1.5 years old Labrador Retriever Mix. The trail has been long for Cowboy and it hasn't been an easy ride. In order to become the happy-go-lucky, playful and loving canine you see today, he had to overcome steep odds against him in a rural Georgia shelter and then battle for his life to defeat canine distemper. Cowboy wrangled all of the obstacles in his path and never gave up. His spirit never wavered and his gentle, loving nature never diminished. Cowboy loves everyone he meets, plays beautifully with other dogs and has very good manners. He loves squeaky toys, yard time, and a good game of tug-of-war. He also loves affection from human and can't wait to finally be someone's beloved family get. Cowboy wants to win Best in Shelter and dedicate his title to the many, many other dogs who beat the odds in rural shelters. He wants to show the world what essential medical care, hope and love can do for a pup who just wants to find a home! Cowboy's Stats: Weight: 35 pounds. At Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation since 10/2/11. Came from Rome, GA.

Sheltered in: Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation


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