Sheltered in: Small Miracles Cat and Dog Rescue

Whitney was a very scared but loving girl and we still wonder about her background and history.

Whitney was left on the side of a road for dead. A woman had driven past her a few times and finally stopped. She was still alive and took the dog to the BARC’s, WV shelter. The woman who found her was named Whitney and this is how our sweet girl got her name!

Whitney was hit by a car and her pelvis was broken in 3 places. She was also shot in the front left leg, had a large open wound on her stomach, damaged tail and extremely emaciated. The WV shelter specialist was not able to help her and said the only facility that could possibly care for her was Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinarian Medicine at the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, VA.

Whitney came to the attention of Small Miracles when the WV shelter contacted our shelter owner Moira, to see if she could help save her. Without someone agreeing to take over medical requirements she would have been euthanized immediately. There was no question Whitney could not be euthanized and Small Miracles quickly agreed to accept her. Moira agreed to take over the costs of her medical care, transportation to Virginia Tech and back to the shelter in Maryland, find a foster resource to rehabilitate her and eventually find her forever family.

Surgery alone was in excess of $10,000. The volunteers were able to set up a go-fund-me site for Whitney which did help with some costs. It takes a village! Whitney was transported to Virginia Tech by Small Miracle volunteers and had surgery to fix her broken pelvis, damaged front left leg, tail, and other wounds. She needed 2 blood transfusions. She spent a week at the Virginia Tech facility under the constant care of specialists and staff. Volunteers picked her up in VA and brought her back to Small Miracles. One of the experienced volunteers who helped with her transportation agreed to take on fostering her and nurse her back to her “new normal”.

The rehabilitation process was very involved. The foster transported her daily from her home to Small Miracles where the owner who is also veterinary technician changed her bandages and checked on the healing process. She had to have multiple x-rays to monitor the healing.

There was a risk of amputation without consistent physical therapy which the foster did daily. She almost lost her tail and left back leg!

Whitney was not an easy patient! She had severe separation anxiety when the foster had to leave for short periods of time. She broke out of multiple crates and definitely gave her foster mom a hard time!

After many months, Whitney was healed and ready for her forever home. Her foster Mom fell in love with Whitney and could not let her go. Yeah!!!!

Whitney now is very happy and spoiled in her forever home with her Mom and 2 sister pups. Whitney had a lot to overcome and thanks to Small Miracles, Moira, staff, and volunteers she was given a second chance at life and is enjoying her new home and forever family!

Small Miracles is a private, nonprofit, no-kill shelter dedicated to providing the best possible care and finding forever homes for as many homeless cats and dogs as possible. As a no-kill shelter, we accept animals that other shelters often euthanize due to injuries, broken bones, and other medical concerns. Small Miracles looks forward to continuing to travel to rural WV to rescue homeless dogs and cats, provide aid to shelters in need and help as many injured animals possible. Without the support of the public, none of this could happen!


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