Sheltered in: The Senior Dog Sanctuary

Hi! I’m Nilla! In Aug. 2019, my life changed when a concerned human found me on the streets of Baltimore w/really bad boo-boo on my head. I couldn’t tell them what happened, but they thought I had been attacked by someone. When the nice people from Animal Control came, they said my head was super swollen, a chunk of my skin was missing & they could see my skull! They scooped me up & rushed me to this place called BARCS– I usually say woof, so I dunno what that’s about. Anyhoo, I knew I was bending my head to the right & couldn’t hear out of that ear anymore. A bunch of people rushed around me to see what was wrong. I didn’t care about the pain that much then; I gave lots of thankful kisses since they were so nice to me.

They rushed me to another place called an ER. They did all kinds of things to me that I didn’t understand, like X-rays & a CT scan. Everyone looked upset. I could sorta hear them say bite wounds that go the whole way to my brain, multiple skull fractures & my middle ear was crushed. Everyone there was so nice too! They put some stitches in my head & after I healed a bit, they sent me back to BARCS. I was excited to see the new friends I had made there, even though it was loud with all the other dogs & cats. I heard words like quarantine due to bite wounds of unknown origin, rescue only, & urgent.

Soon, this really nice man started to come see me & helped me forget all the bad things. Little did I know he would be my ticket out of there! People told me his name was Val & something about a Senior Dog Sanctuary. One day, my new friend came to pick me up! He kept telling me that everything was going to be ok & that I was safe now. I knew from the start I totally trusted this guy! I made sure to let him know how much I liked him w/lots of kisses & fast tail wags. When we got to SDS, everyone was so happy to meet me. I definitely wasn’t in the city anymore; it’s so pretty & peaceful at SDS (& they have way more critters)! They were all so nice to me, even though I had to be sequestered for a month and a half ? Boy, was that tough cuz all I wanted to do was play!

Once that ended, my new buddies made sure I went to see the best surgical specialist (that’s some kind of special doctor). They told me I needed more surgery to give me the best life ever. I don’t remember too much of what happened while I was there, but the one nice lady said they took out my ear canal & a bunch of free-floating skull fracture pieces. I recovered w/my BFF’s but was stuck in that dang kennel for another couple of months cuz I had restricted activity- ugh! With a cone of shame! Jeez! That sucked, but I was so happy to have my besties to hang with me. That first day I got to go out & run, I was soooo happy! Even though I can’t hear out of my right ear, blink my right eye, or feel the right side of my face, I’m just excited to live my life! My head still tilts to the right & sometimes I’m clumsy, but none of that matters to me!

In March, I met my 2 amazing humans who dote on me round the clock. I really love having fun & especially snuggling w/them. I don’t even mind when they give me my eye medicine all the time. They like to say really nice things about me & told SDS this last time they chatted, “You can see the scars on her face and legs, the paralyzation on the right side of her face & ear caused from the awful injuries, and, my favorite part, her smile. Her smile is what she shows us each & every day. No dog should ever have to go through what this little angel went through but I want to reassure everyone at SDS how strong this little one is. And how much love has changed her & our entire little family.”

Now I know I am the luckiest girl in the world! I hope you’ll vote for me & my SDS family!


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