Sheltered in: Animal Welfare League of Arlington Arlington

Thor was born on the streets of Beirut, Lebanon and spent the first few weeks of his life in a hidden den, while his mother, Freya, went into the streets of the city searching for food. Sadly, Freya was shot multiple times by a man with a pellet gun, who then put her in the back of his truck and drove away. Concerned witnesses called the police right away, and thankfully they were able to track down the man and he showed them where he had dumped Freya. Amazingly, Freya had not passed away from her injuries, but was badly hurt. A local animal rescue, Animals Lebanon, was called to come and help Freya, and while the police were waiting for the rescue to arrive, they realized Freya had puppies. Sadly, all the puppies had passed away...except one.

Freya and her puppy, who they named Thor, were rushed to an emergency hospital where they both received medical care. Once Freya and Thor were feeling better, they went to stay at the rescue's facility. Unfortunately, the devastating Beirut explosion happened soon after, and so they could not find adopters for many of their animals. Animals Lebanon worked with Humane Society International to transport Thor, Freya, and twelve other dogs to our care in the US.

Freya was adopted very quickly once she was ready to find a home, but Thor needed a little more time to adjust to his new life. He was so scared when he first arrived, so our Behavior Team worked with him to raise his confidence and bring out his fun-loving, puppy personality! Once Thor was more comfortable being around new people and exploring the outdoors, he went to a foster home to continue learning the ins and outs of his new life. His foster family reports that "He's doing well! He's very comfortable with us, and very affectionate. He loves being outside...but not if it's raining. We love him!". Thor is still looking for a family of his own, and would love a calm home where he can keep working on his training and snuggle up with a special someone on cold winter nights!


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